What is World of Warcraft Kiting?

Today I will discuss with you a popular warcraft tactic know as kiting. Put simply kiting is hitting, freezing an enemy in place or moving out of their effective combat range where you will strike again then rinse and repeat. You may have had this done against you and were not even aware. If you don’t engage in frequent Pvp matches and suddenly are challenged it can be a real eye opener. I as a warrior have fought a hunter in a pvp match and could not lay a finger on him. Poor guy even felt sorry for me and offered not to use his pet.

In order to kite a player or mob in warcraft, a spell or attack has to either lock the opponent in place, slow the enemy’s ability to move, or make the enemy unable to attack like a Fear Spell. The best type of opponent to kite is one, like the warrior that relies on attacking from “melee” range. If the enemy is unable to get his weapons in position to attack you, it is rendered useless.

Kiting also can be put to effective use in a group. Say for example you are in an instance and you notice your tank is getting over run. If you were a mage you could frost nova the mob giving an experienced and alert priest an open opportunity to heal your tank back to full health.

So how can the warrior counter the kiting tactic. This is where Warcraft gets exciting to me because it’s like a chess match. The warrior has to do a little reverse kiting on his own. You know the enemies will try to root you in place or fear you away or try to limit your movement in some way. They have to! The opponents you have wont have your HP nor will they have as much armor as the warrior. The warrior can counter these tactics with equipment which resists rooting effects. Mithril Boots just to name an example. Some warriors simply get as much equipment as possible with high strength ratings to increase attack power and become DPS nightmares. The warrior could Charge into melee range before their opponent can act. Piercing Howl slows enemy movement and can delay an efforts to move away from you. Death Wish breaks fear effects on the warrior. See the pattern here? It takes planning and a lot of what if research to determine the best course of action against an opponent.

Through this guide I hope I have given you some insight into how players who engage in pvp think and a few tactics they use. For more tips and information like this feel free to check out my Warcraft site wowdarksecrets [http://wowdarksecrets.com]