Types Of Ironing Board And Their Advantages

An ironing board is made of special and heat-resistant cover where garments are placed when ironing them, these boards have cushioned and even surface. If you need to iron clothes with sleeves then it would be no problem at all because it usually has sleeves which are screwed on the board. And when you get tired and you want to rest for a while you can place the iron in the iron-rest which is positioned at the end of the board and is made of material which can absorb the heat and securely hold the iron. There are actually many different kinds of ironing board available today and if you want to be familiar with each of those then you should read through this article.

The first type we are going to talk about is the portable ironing board. You can see this type in most homes across the globe. One great advantage of this board is that its legs are foldable when you are not using it. You can also bring it where you want to do your ironing and then keep it is a small place when not in use. The height of the board can also be adjusted and you can choose whether you like to do ironing in a standing or sitting position, whichever is comfortable to you.

Another kind is the wall mounted type. As the name implies this type is custom installed or mounted to a free wall in your home and you can fold it out when you need to use it. This is perfect if you have problems with space in your home, apartment or condominium but there are times that you can find a big home that uses this one and that is because of the space-saving feature it offers. One advantage is that you can place it in small spaces like a walk in closet. Another advantage is that it is actually very easy to install. You can also find a door-mounted board. It is pretty much like a wall mounted type however the only difference is that it is very easy to hide.

Last but not the least is the Table Top Ironing Board. This is the most portable type of ironing board as its legs are designed to be short so that you can place them at the top of a table. This is very advantageous because it is very portable which means you can bring it along wherever you go. Plus it is perfect for small homes, dorms and apartments.