The Wallet Method to Attract Money Fast

One of the most common uses for the Law of attraction is attracting money. This topic is so popular that there are entire books published on how to attract money. As you read this article you will feel a sense of excitement, because you will learn how to attract money fast.

One of the most easy and effective ways I have learned to attract money is the “wallet method.” Basically, this method consists of carrying a $100 bill in your pocket or purse at all times. The point of this is to get used to the feeling that $100 is a small amount of money to you. Many people who want to attract money fast start off with the idea that $100 is a lot of money. This essentially is what keeps them poor. Most of the worlds richest people will most likely feel that $100 is equivalent to “pocket change.” This feeling of abundance is what makes them get even richer.

Simply go throughout your day and notice things that you can afford with this $100. Every time we see something that you want and can buy with that $100, say to yourself, “I can afford that” and mentally spent that money. After about a week of doing this you probably would have mentally spent thousands of dollars. This will train your brain to know that you can afford these things, thus heightening your level of attraction to money.

Keep adding to that $100. The more money you carry around with you the, more you will train your brain to be prosperous. I have read of some people carrying $10,000 in cash with them.

Here is a word of caution. If you do not have $100, do not write an IOU to yourself. This solidifies debt into your mentality and will drag you further away from prosperity. What would be better is to just start off with whatever you can. You can even start off with one dollar and increase the amount in your wallet as you start to attract more money.