The Unwanted Erect Penis: Hiding the Bulge

An unwanted erect penis? Some men would say there’s no such thing, but the fact is that in some settings a man really doesn’t want to pop a trouser tent. While a frequent bulge does indicate good penis health, that same erect penis that is such a source of pride (and pleasure) in the right environment can be embarrassing in others. Knowing strategies for hiding a sudden bulge can help a guy project the appropriate chill in such situations.

Not just for the over-endowed

Some people may assume that a noticeably erect penis is something that only men with abnormally large penises worry about, but the fact is that almost all guys with penises of even modest lengths have experienced a situation where a boner has been conspicuous.

Sometimes that’s exactly what is wanted, of course. But usually when a man is standing in front of a crowd of people at a conference or making a presentation, he would rather people were staring at his slides. He doesn’t want to be the butt of jokes about how ‘excited’ he must be about his subject!

Consider the wardrobe

One of the most effective ways to hide an erect penis is to dress in a way that will make it less noticeable:

– Skip the boxers. Loose-fitting underwear tends to make an erect penis easier to see. Tight-fitting briefs will “compact” things so that there’s less room for the erection to move and grow. An athletic supporter or dance belt will do an even better job – but for some, the discomfort factor may be too great.

– Go looser on the trousers. Wearing tight pants is an excellent way to show off the thighs and butt – and the bulge, as well. When going out bar hopping and looking to pick up a partner, feel free to go tight. But when going for that job interview, give the penis a little extra breathing room.

– Don’t be afraid of the dark. Light-colored pants are going to display much more of a bulge than dark-colored ones. Trade in those khakis for a pair of black or navy blue trousers to help keep the focus above the midsection.

– Go casual. For formal situations, a tucked-in shirt is necessary. But in a more casual situation, untuck the shirt and let the long shirttails provide a little extra layer of bulge protection.

Disguise it

If clothing can’t help with the cover up, a guy has to come up with other options:

– Sit down. Erections tend to be less noticeable when sitting rather than standing, so grab a chair at that cocktail party until the swelling goes down.

– Hide it. Look for objects that are a little more than waist high and get situated behind them. A high-backed chair, a sofa, a potted plant, a bar – any place that provides a little cover will do. Also effective: holding an object (such as a book or jacket) over the crotch. In some instances, a guy can put his hand in his pocket and create the illusion that the bulge is coming from his hand.

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