The Redesigned Tsubo Acrea Pump – So Very Elegant!

The redesigned Tsubo Acrea pump is now a most attractive stylish slingback pump that will suit most modern women and is ideal for all of us girls on the go.

This shoe is a combination of style and flair that not only looks gorgeous but is more than comfortable to wear. The Tsubo Acrea is a smart, sexy looking shoe with a platform heel. The upper part of the shoe is made from soft leather and there is a heel strap that moves with the foot to ensure that the wearer always has full support.

The heel strap is wide enough to give the most comfortable support without distracting from the fine lines of this elegant shoe.

This style of shoe gives the added height and the illusion of a high heel with none of the pain that one could have with wearing high heels. The inner foot-bed of the shoe is made of a nice soft material that provides additional comfort for the sole of the foot.

I love these shoes. In the past I did not like to wear high-heeled shoes during the day for fear of damaging my feet. I do a lot of walking in and around the office so it is essential that I always wear comfortable shoes while at work.

The Acrea shoes are so very comfortable that I have taken to wearing them almost every day. I have a couple of pairs, one in Chestnut and the other in Black so I can combine them with most outfits and they always look exceptionally smart and elegant. I love the fact that they give me the added height I crave for together with complete comfort.

All Tsubo footwear is designed for the style conscious, comfort-driven person that looks for the highest-quality materials coupled with top-quality up to date merchandise that in turn combine great style.

There are a number of oval bubbles placed at strategic locations on the sole of the shoe these are at precise pressure points of the foot. This unique feature will ensure that you get the utmost comfort when walking. Apart from bringing additional comfort to the wearer this construction gives Tsubo shoes its own distinctive look.

So where do you find The Tsubo Acrea Shoes?

A friend who had a pair of shoes from the same company that I much admired introduced me to Tsubo shoes. She bought her shoes online so I did the same.

I have looked around some of the high street stores and shoe shops but have not found Tsubo shoes to be that readily available. So I continue to buy online. This has a lot of advantages. Generally one can get a much wider choice of styles, colours and sizes online. Then there is free shipping and very often the prices are much lower too. See the link below.