The Extreme Bikini

So the fashion designers are trying to create more and more daring designs on bikini pieces. Now the latest in the offering is the extreme bikini. Don’t mistake the same to be micro bikini. It is not the same. These two are totally different.

If micro bikinis were presumed to be the smallest, then everybody is in for a surprise because extreme bikini covers much lesser than micro bikini and shows much more. Of course you may not wear it while going swimming, but to show off your great figure on the beach and to just lie down for a sunbath it is definitely very ideal.

Similar to the latest bikinis, extreme bikinis offer you variety of styles, design and patterns. They are also available in multiple fabrics and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

After you have selected the design that you like, you would need to also try out and choose a matching bottom for it. You should first try out and ask for the design known as arouser which comes with a special heart pendant in gold that is rightly placed to conceal your privates.

If you are in for a mood for a little more adventure then you should try out the bottom called C String. This bottom has only three little strips which are placed at the right distance to let your skin show through. Also check out the dare bottom which covers a little more with black lace.

Once you are settled with the extreme bikini and the C String, we would also suggest that you look at buying a few of tops that are available in the same shops. The tops are quite see through and will look stylish as well as just drape on your shoulder without being too heavy.

Don’t think that the tops are going to be over stuffy. They are in fact tank tops with straps that don’t cover much but at the same time gives you a nice feeling of wearing something when you want to be covered. Of course when in a nude beach or a private party, you might just prefer wearing your extreme bikini.

Once you have seen the extreme bikini, you might want to spend some time on diet and gym to get into great shape to be able to wear it for the next party. Don’t think that everyone can afford to wear a extreme bikini and show off. You are just plain lucky after all.