Seduce Your Ex Husband Through Text and Get Him Back Into Your Clutches

When a man asks you for a divorce, it is only normal for you to wallow in misery afterwards. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost, though. If you calm down and clear your mind, you can actually come up with ways to seduce your ex husband through text. If you do this right and text him all the right things, he might even run back into your arms of his own volition without realizing that you planned everything out to begin with. Here are some tips to help you out in that department.

1. Make it feel brand new.

Before you try to seduce your ex husband through text, you have to accept that your marriage is over and probably cannot be revived anymore. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Since it failed the first time, why would you want to try and save it in the first place? Instead, what you should do is try and build something completely new. This also gives you the chance to make everything feel brand new – from the first kiss to the first date to the actual wedding ceremony. And, since things are completely different this time around, your ex husband may actually enjoy getting to know you and falling for you all over again.

2. Remind him of what was good.

When you start to seduce your ex husband through text, try to remind him of what was good about your marriage without making it seem like you want to go back to it. In general, just make him forget why your marriage fell apart and don’t make him think about the problems that you used to have. All that you have to do is get him to miss you and you are already halfway there. Ideally, you should avoid talking about getting back together altogether and avoid whining and begging for his attention, though.

3. Play with seduction on full blast.

Of course, if you want to successfully seduce your ex husband through text, you will have to turn your flirting game on at some point. Make sure that you are the only woman in his mind and try to remind him of some of your best memories through text. Be playful and flirty when you do this, though; don’t make it seem like you are trying to get his attention. If you keep things short and sexual, he is sure to keep you in his mind for days on end.