How To Make A Woman Respond Sexually To You – Like A Female Dog In Heat Which Just Saw A Male Dog!

Not many guys know this but every woman is hard wired to respond to a man sexually. You see, sexual attraction really is not a choice. If you are able to trigger off certain emotions in a woman, she will not be able to help it but to imagine sleeping with you. It really does not matter if you don’t have a handsome face like Brad Pitt or a 12 inch penis like the legendary Dirk Diggler. All you need to do to get a girl horny is to master a couple of tactics that will make a woman want you sexually without fail. Read on to discover the killer ways to get a girl horny – even if she is as cold as a cucumber to you…

“Make Her Imagine Using Your Words”. You can spike up a woman’s sexual temperature if you use the right words at the right moment. When you have already developed some kind of emotional connection with her, then you should start using sexual innuendos to take things up to the next level. Use subtle sexual hints in your conversations which will get her excited a little. The trick to this is NOT to be too obvious – or she might just feel insulted and harassed. For example, don’t say to her – “I want to get inside your panties and finger you until you climax”… or you might just get slapped across the face.

“Touch Her”. You should start touching her as soon as she is comfortable with you. Go for “safe areas” first such as her palms of her hand, knees and her back. When she is responding well, then move on to the back of her neck, for example. The trick here is to go slow… but with confidence. So, don’t immediately put your hands on her breasts and expect her to like it.