How the Humble Hunter Wellies Brand Became a Fashion Brand

You would not be alone in thinking that wellington boots are not the most fashionable item in a person’s wardrobe. After all, the humble “wellie” is a functional item of footwear ideal for tramping through muddy, sodden fields or splashing around puddles (if you’re a child that is) and until recently hasn’t been associated with even a hint of glamour or “street credibility” but Hunter wellies have started to be worn by a growing number of fashionable young people and the perception of the wellie is finally starting to change.

You’re got to feel sorry for the wellie boot-the first thing we do when we get home is take our wellies off! In fact, they probably never even make it into the house and are left in quarantine on the kitchen door mat until they can be removed to their dark, storage space.

Most people wouldn’t dream of wearing wellies to the pub or even inside a shopping mall and to a certain degree that is still true today despite the growing popularity of Hunter wellies.

Hunter, who have been making wellington boots for well over a century, have very cleverly accentuated the outdoor image of their boots and associated their wellies with a certain type of lifestyle. For many years, farmers and landed gentry would wear their rubber boots whilst patrolling their land or farm holdings. They’d even don a pair whilst walking their dogs before piling them into their 4 x 4 (another lifestyle brand that has permeated through to the masses).

People from a more affluent background and whose roots were in rural, country pursuits began wearing wellies as a fashion item and only one brand of wellies was worn, which was Hunter.

Then, a few years ago a very popular supermodel was seen wearing a pair of Hunter wellies at Glastonbury music festival. This soon caught on and other celebrities would arrive at summer music festivals with a pair of wellie boots. Bearing in mind that the Glastonbury music festival has suffered at the hands of our inclement British weather in recent times meaning that the fields where fans gather have literally turned into mud baths making a pair of wellington boots not only desirable but essential!

Since that time the company have capitalised on their newly acquired fashion appeal and have brought out a whole range of different coloured wellies to suit almost everyone’s tastes and it’s pleasing to know that a company with such a long history of making rubber wellies will now have a secure future for many more years to come.