Four Reasons Every Woman Should Schedule A Bra Fitting

Think you know your bust size? You might be surprised to find out at a formal bra fitting that you’ve been buying the wrong size for years! In fact, bust sizes change so frequently that professionals recommend having a bra fitting session once or twice a year. Fortunately, it’s a simple and painless procedure when done by a qualified professional.

So, what’s the big deal with knowing your true cup size? The following are four big reasons why every woman should schedule a professional bra fitting.

1) The right sized bra compliments your body’s natural shape.

Do you have dreaded back fat that gets pinched by your bra straps? What
about an overflowing bosom that can’t seem to be contained? These are just a few of the signs that you have an ill-fitting brassiere. Just like with underwear, if you can see the lines where skin meets fabric, chances are you’re wearing an undergarment of the wrong size. Even worse, if the skin you see is pinched up fat, you can rest assured that the look isn’t very flattering.

2) Your clothes will look better.

You know all those unattractive side effects mentioned above that result from a poor fit? Well, now imagine the opposite. Everything right where it’s supposed to be, cradled at the perfect level and with just the right amount of support. When you know the right cup size and are armed with a variety of options that fit your body just right, your wardrobe will go up a notch. Pair the right bra with the right top and you’re guaranteed to knock it out of the park.

3) You’ll boost your self-confidence!

When you know you look good, your self-confidence soars. Imagine the freedom that comes with not having to worry about an ill-fitting bra. Simply said, when you feel like you are looking great, you’ll feel more confident about your overall look.

4) You’ll get the necessary support for your breasts and your body.

Let’s face it. With age come a few things: wisdom and sagging. And while some loss of perkiness is unavoidable, you do have the power to give good support to your breasts so they’ll keep their positioning a bit longer. Your posture can also suffer terribly from years of hunching over, which is a common side effect of a painful or ill-fitting bra.

At your fitting, the person you work with will tell you about the different styles available and will walk you through which options offer the kind of support you and your breasts need most. Even ladies with the smallest chest will want adequate support to protect their shape later in life.