Forced Feminization in the Real World

So you grew up fantasizing about being feminized in different ways didn’t you?

The popular girls at school capture you and turn you into a submissive, feminine plaything perhaps.

Or, you are drugged at a party and wake up to find yourself in a nightgown, full makeup, and tied to a bed.

Maybe, a couple of female friends of yours come over for a visit and find the door unlocked. Meanwhile, you are prancing around in a very cute, frilly babydoll in front of the mirror.

Do any of these scenes sound familiar? Are they exciting to you? Of course they are, you’re a sissy!

But how can any of these fantasies cum true in the real world? Can they? The answer is YES.

I’ll give you an example of how I’ve done this in the past. The caught and blackmailed fantasy is probably the most popular. Lets say we’ve discussed your complete fetish and agree to make it happen.

I give you a spare key and leave the house for a while. You are to come in and try on a pair of my panties. I come home a bit later and see you like this and flip out.


You blush, but you know that this is only a game right? I quickly grab my camera from the dresser and take a few pictures. Without another word I download them to my computer and show you.

“I think I’m going to upload these later, and I’ll post your name and phone number OK?”

“What?” you say. “You can’t do that to me, we discussed this Teresa.”

“Lets see now, I guess I could post them on Twitter, and you have a Facebook page right? I’ll just add that link.”

“OK-OK, what do you want me to do?” you ask now taking this a bit more seriously.

I hand you a matching bra, and seat you at the makeup table. Now the fun begins. Slowly, very slowly, I give you a complete makeover explaining each step. You’re loving this and if it weren’t for your chastity belt it would have been over long ago.

You tell me what a good girl you are, and I have you speak in a feminine voice. We’re having fun right? I’ve just started painting your nails.

There’s a knock at the door. You jump. “WHO IS THAT! I CAN’T BE SEEN LIKE THIS, OH NO!”

“Its just a package I’ve been expecting, don’t be so jumpy. Stay here and I’ll get it.” Several minutes go by and you hear women’s voices inside and smell their perfume.

“Guess who that was sweetheart? Its my neighbors Bonnie and Susan. Did I forget to mention that I invited them over this afternoon?”

Your mascaraed eyes are almost popping out of your head. Your pretty red lips are open and you can’t seem to get any words out. I gently take hold of your hand and lead you into the living room where the girls are waiting. I sit you down in front of them and finish your nails while I tell them your fantasy in full. Even the part about how you want to be teased, humiliated and treated like a sissy slut.

As your nail polish dries the girls finish their wine, and we wait for you to tell us that you’re ready.

Now the real fun begins…

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