Environmentally Friendly El Naturalista Shoes

As shoe companies progress through the new millennium, it is evident that there are those, which are really mindful of current affair issues that are prevalent in society. The destruction and misuse of the environment and the unlawful use of child labor are two concerns among others that El Naturalista Shoe Company are at the forefront of addressing. This means that not only can you purchase excellent footwear from their range but also with peace of mind that you are having minimal impact on the natural world and its people.

Their collection is aimed at both men and women with distinct styles for both genders. Although there are also unisex shoes which are neither masculine nor feminine. Within the women’s range there are sandals, pumps, trainers, mules, boots, lace ups and high heels. Hence lightweight and more open styles are ideal for the warmer months while the more covered over shoes are more suited to the cooler times of the year.

Within the men’s line there is just as much variety. Trainers, sports shoes, lace ups, hi tops and boots ensure that the men are also catered for with respect to each season and all types of occasions.

So how exactly does El Naturalista Footwear tie in with environmental protection while respecting people from less privileged backgrounds? To put it simply, they follow the 10 points stated in their code of conduct. In summary, they follow the conventions set out by the Human Rights and Labor Organisation without discriminating against people based on race, sex, religion, age, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation or disability. They also respect the rules and regulations set out by each country they work in, especially the minimum age at which one can work.

All the products that are used in the manufacture of their shoes where applicable cause the least amount of destruction to the environment. Hence they use natural dyes and materials, recycled and biodegradable products within traditional construction methods. Examples of this include their vegetable and 15th and 16th century chrome free tanning methods, the use of recycled rubber in their outsoles, the use of quicker breaking down natural rubber, hand stitching, the incorporation of polyurethane cork made from recycled materials into their soles and creating some parts of the shoe from 100% cotton.

The comfort of El Naturalista footwear is not compromised. Technologies and features used within the shoe include breathable, antibacterial, antistatic and removable insoles, high quality suede and leathers, extremely supple and hardwearing rubber non-slip outsoles, anti-odour treatment, excellent shock absorption due to ergonomic rubber and specialised shaping and contouring design. The unique Frog Shock cushioning system and Stonetherapy insole ensures that your feet feel like they are walking on pillows while being gently massaged. The health benefits for all the features outlined above are numerous. It should be noted however that not every shoe has all the described features.

El Naturalista shoes are a new way to look at shoe production. You can now feel comfortable that not only will your feet be the beneficiary of some well earned relief, your mind will as well.