EMU Boot Care – Cleaning and Protecting Suede EMU Boots

As winter approaches and your feet get colder it’s time to starting thinking about your EMU boots. To really show them off you’re going to want to ensure they are nice and clean for your next outing.

Cleaning EMU boots is a very simple process but there are a few important things to look out for. The actual fabric used on the outer layer of the boot varies by style. The lower end boots such as the Bronte use a suede material, which can be cleaned easily using the methods highlighted below.

Make sure you check the labels before you proceed as cleaning the sheepskin fabric used on higher end EMU boots is an entirely different process.

As a preventative measure you should always try to seal the surface of your boots with a water repellent. These are available in a spray form from most shoe retailers and these will help to stop water absorption and prevent staining.

Suede is a very fragile material and should never be placed in a washing machine. In the event of staining, putting your EMU boots through the washing machine is likely to discolour the fabric and ruin the suppleness of the material. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable and colourless boot.

To remove stains from the surface of your boots, you will just need some suede cleaner. EMU Australia does sell cleaning kits, but other brands will suffice. Using a soft sued brush with some suede cleaner and a dash of water, gently brush the surface of the boot. It’s important to use some water as applying cleaner straight onto the fabric can cause discolouring.

Once you have removed the stains, take a clean damp cloth and wipe the affected areas. This will remove the remaining residue and ensure the boots come away nice and clean.

At this point you should stuff the interior of the boots with some old newspaper. This will help to maintain the shape of the boot during the drying. Put them in a warm dry place with plenty of ventilation. Do not place them in sunlight or near a heater as this can contribute to discolouring or misshaping of the boot. Leave the boots for several hours allowing them to dry completely.