Convertible Rollerblade

Rollerblades are the modern version of the traditional roller skates which had four wheels to ensure a good body balance of the wearer. They were designed to more closely imitate the dynamics of the traditional single-blade ice skates. These were extremely popular in the early 1990s, and they have remained a popular footwear choice for sports-minded people who participate in the x-games and other extreme sports. However, it’s market base has been reduced to those involved in sports using rollerblades.

Convertible rollerblades are removable shoe-boots on plastic wheel frames, and were also referred to as nature skates. Unfortunately, in-line skating industry was nowhere to be seen in the last few two decades. To combat complete bankruptcy, manufacturers of in-line skates focused their attention on reinventing rollerblades and became the impetus for rethinking sports as a venue for showcasing rollerblades, thus the popular use of rollerblades in in-line hockey leagues, speed skating, and aggressive skating or more popularly known as extreme skating.

Reinvention is anything but new though in the rollerblade industry as it were actually reinventions of themselves of the earlier versions of skates, known as parallel skates or 4-wheeled skates.This old version of skates is also called quad skates.

A convertible inline skates is ideal for people on-the-go and for students as they can use the detachable boot for when they report to school, and convert it into a regular pair of rollerblades by simply reattaching the boot to the frame.

You should take precautions though when using it. It’s interesting to know that you can wear a shoe one moment and a pair of rollerblades the next minute.

Frequent use of these type of skates may result to infection as feet are exposed to bacteria accumulated while the feet were inside the boots. It may also yield worn out rollerblades because of heavy or frequent use. You want to make sure you give the boots enough time to breathe.

So if you are trying to get the best purchase for convertible rollerblades, make sure you know these basic things you should keep in mind to avoid actually ending up spending more.

Also, you should know that these rollerblades may only be used for light and casual skating. These models are not meant to be used for high-impact activities such as hockey skates to avoid unnecessary injuries.

People are looking into a whole new level of convertible roller blades where a single Rollerblade frame can be converted into parallel, in-line, and quad skates.