Avoiding Fake Kooba Designer Handbags – Simple Guidelines Looking For Designer Handbags For Resale

Thinking of selling Kooba designer handbags, here’s some tips to spot fake Kooba designer handbags Now, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for legitimate places to buy handbags however, finding an authentic Kooba wholesale designer handbag supplier is not very easy. You most likely have come across tons of scammers, here are some guidelines and information to help you in your venture.

Buyers BEWARE of some of the Kooba handbags being sold as 100% Authentic on eBay! You can actually find actual real Kooba on Ebay, but many are fake Kooba designer handbags! They are called “mirror-image replicas” and many of the Kooba bags on eBay are this type of handbag. They are not the same quality as a authentic Kooba! If you do attempt to buy a Kooba handbag on Ebay, make certain the seller offers a money-back guarantee. Take your bag to an authorized dealer immediately if you are unsure of its authenticity in case the seller has a limit on time for returns. Beware of eBay powersellers who use “PRIVATE” listings or who have their feedback as “PRIVATE”. Most sell fake bags!!!

Another way to spot fake Kooba designer handbags is with the TAGS! Kooba tags are two-sided & folded and the string is connected in the corner. Most 2007 tags are two sided & folded and the string is connected in the middle. Late 2007/2008 bags have a single sided tag with the string in the middle. Authentic Koobas from previous seasons had the single sided tag (so you may find an authentic pre-2006 Kooba with the non-folded tag). Counterfeit bags were much easier to spot back in 2006, the scammers have gotten very good now. Initially, you could spot a fake Kooba designer handbag by looking for anything other than the “brown string” attached to the Kooba tag. Now, most of the fakes have the brown string also. BUT 99.9% of the brown Kooba tags that have anything other than a brown string attached are FAKE!