Adding Studs To Your Football Boots – Get Mixed Sole Boots For Maximum Effectiveness

Lots of world famous professional footballers add removable studs to their moulded football boots in order to increase the effectiveness of these shoes. Studded boots are necessary because they provide a very good grip on the ground. However, these boots are not always very comfortable, especially when you compare them with moulded boots. The simplest solution to the problem is to customize your moulded boots by getting studs added to them. This is a fairly simple process and there are quite a few companies that offer this service.

Do keep the following points in mind when you consider getting this conversion done to your football boots:

1. Always use high quality studs made of alloy so that they last as long as possible.

2. While you can add any number of studs as you feel is necessary, it is generally accepted to add just six studs. This gives you a shoe that has equal number of moulded and alloy studs, which is the most comfortable and effective option.

3. Certain types of football boots do not perform well after having studs added because their sole plate does not have sufficient space. In such cases, you will feel a lot of discomfort from having the studs fitted into the sole plate of the shoe. If you take your shoes to professional who does this job very often then you will get the best advice regarding the suitability of your shoes for conversion.

4. In certain cases, you will also have to get the insoles of the converted shoes replaced.

These mixed sole football boots are perfect for playing on soft grounds on which you require greater traction. You can also use them on any kind of ground throughout different weather conditions. This enables you to save quite a bit of money since you do not have to buy different pairs of boots to suit each kind of playing condition. While many professional players add studs to their moulded shoes, increasing numbers of weekend football enthusiasts are also doing the same thing these days.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to do the conversion and there are quite a few stores that will do the job of you. You will also be surprised to find out that the conversion process does not take up a lot of time. Overall, you are quite likely to be satisfied with the feel and responsiveness of your converted shoe.