7 Things You Should Know About Aion Stealth

Stealth classes are common in many MMORPGs, but there are some limitations in the Aion Assassin class. Without a full understanding of stealth in Aion, you may be caught unaware when an opponent actually sees you in stealth, or you pop out of stealth unexpectedly. Here are some tips I have collected about stealth, which should provide a good starting point for learning the stealth capabilities in Aion.

1. Load up on Seeds of Destruction. This will allow you to see low level assassins (less than 34), and all rangers who have Hide 1 only. To see advanced stealth you will need the All Seeing Eye ability. Seeds of Desruciton are extracted from Zigi, but cheap enough at the Broker as well.

2. As an assassin, there are no special attack abilities to use from stealth. Instead you need to make sure that you learn your positional abilities well, so that you can sneak up on your opponent from the right angle.

3. Learn the limitations of the stealth abilities, Hide 1 and Hide 2. None of these can be used in combat, and Hide 1 can be seen by any class if they have Seeds of Destruction.

4. If you want infinite stealth, you need to save up and get hold of the Shadow Walk I stigma skill, which is a rare drop. But it has a 3 minute cool-down, and lasts for 5 minute, so it is infinite stealth effectively. It uses advanced stealth mode as well.

5. If you want an ability to allow you to stealth in combat, there is not really a useful one for pvp. Wind Walk I does allow you go into advanced stealth for 10-20 seconds, but requires 3000 divine points, which is more or less impossible in most pvp scenarios. Worthwhile though for emergency agro situations in pve.

6. Want to move faster in stealth? Get the following:

  • boots with speed bonus
  • titles with speed bonus
  • sprinting skill
  • running scroll

With these you will be able to move faster in stealth than other players out of stealth.

7. Even when in stealth, try and stay close to the surrounding camouflage, since you never know when you will pop out of stealth. Players may not notice you immediately if you are close to a bush or tree, so you may have enough time to re-stealth, before they do.